Your First Step Into Urethral Sound

What is urethral sound? The dilator is a medical tool and is increasingly used for sexual stimulation in the BDSM area. To do this, you introduce the dilator into your urethra. Attention, you should always and use sufficient lubricant because the skin is there most tender and you could easily damage them. The dilator can be stimulating for both women and men. Here you will find dilators in different sizes and designs. You can order the dilators with or without vibration.

It is a sex toy made of stainless steel or plastic. The toy is also referred to as a urethral plug or urethra extension. Its elongated, narrow shape allows you to insert it into the urethra. He is particularly popular in the BDSM scene and is used in clinics. The dilator plays a big role in urethral sex.

The dilator is usually a sex toy for men. But there are also some dilators for women. However, they do not use toys in this category for fun, but to train the abdominal muscles in vaginismus. Many men love the feeling of a dilated and stimulated urethra. Most dilators are narrow and slightly curved to reach and gently irritate the bladder. In this way you can stimulate yourself even more.

For whom is a dilator suitable?

Dilators mainly appeal to our male clients. There are many ways to use the long bars erotically. First, you should know that a dilator is something different than a penis plug. The plugs for the penis are shorter and are supposed to create and maintain a hard erection. A penis plug often has a thicker cross-section and is also used as a piece of jewelry to imitate a Prince Albert piercing.

You can use the dilator if you want to try something new or stimulate the inside of your penis. Through his position, he massages both erectile tissues in the penis simultaneously. Or did your mistress or your master tell you to wear the dilator during a SM scene? The dilator delivers sweet pain stimuli, but also gives your master control over your bladder and erection.

Why should you try a dilator?

For many people, dilators seem scary and uncomfortable at first. But there are good reasons to try the urethral stimulation and to experience first-hand what the delicate stretching on the penis feels like:

Probing with a dilator is a form of penetration that uses a completely different opening than normal. The physical feeling of stretching can be intense and exciting, creating new highlights. Some experts and experienced lovers of technology compare the feeling with anal fisting. The use of urethral plugs can extend the erotic horizon for some men. It’s penetration, but in her own penis. Some people enjoy this feeling, while for others the idea is shocking.

Men who regularly make “docking games” where one man pushes his glands under the foreskin of the other will get their money’s worth with dilators. Deep probing with a dilator is a good and exceptional way to stimulate the prostate. For people who enjoy pain during sex, urethra stretching can be particularly exciting. With larger dilators you are getting closer and closer to your physical limits. The sight of the disappearing extensor in the penis is for many men a highlight of pleasure. It is fascinating to see how the dilator sinks millimeter by millimeter into the glands.

Which different models are there?

Dilators vary in size, shape and features. The design is modeled on surgical tools – so there are many different types of dilators to choose from.

Van Buren dilator

The Van Buren dilator is the most famous and popular model among the penis probes. You recognize this guy by his characteristic J-shape. The tip is slightly curved. You massage the prostate in a way that is impossible with any other sex toy or with finger stimulation.

Pratt dilator

The Pratt is a curved dilator that is slightly rounded at both ends. This type is longer than the other models in this category. So he is destined to penetrate deep into your penis and bring you to climax.

Hegar dilators

The Hegar dilator is ideal for beginners. These models are relatively short, have an S-shape and two ends with different thicknesses. You can start with the slimmer side and slowly increase in intensity.

Bud or Rosebud dilators

The Rosebud dilator is also one of the popular models. He has a small ball on one side and a flat little handle on the other end. The top is perfect with a small tip to stimulate the bladder. Rosebuds are also suitable for women and can easily be used by beginners.

Ditle dilator

The Ditle Dilator is very similar to the Rosebud. However, these models have no ball at one end, but a flat paddle that is shaped into a triangle. At the other end is a small handle. This makes insertion into the penis easier.

Vibrating dilators

There are models that can vibrate. These vibrating dilators are ideal for experienced users who want to go one step further. The vibrations create an even more intense feeling that pulses through your whole body. For beginners, these sensations are still a bit too strong. The vibrating models work with batteries or rechargeable batteries.

What should you consider when buying a dilator?

You want to buy a dilator? You can easily purchase urethral plugs here. Choosing the right model is crucial to how much fun you have with urethral stimulation. Depending on which model you are using and which features you choose, you should pay attention to other aspects. Your first urethra strengthener will help you think about some important points.

Beginner or advanced user

Are you taking your first steps in the world of dilators? A single dilator or set of different sizes is ideal for beginners. You finally have to get to know the feeling. If urethra stretching is not for you, it would be a shame if you spent so much money on an expensive set of thick rods. A dilator with vibration is not ideal for your first time. The vibrations may feel too intense if you are not used to penile penetration. The best models for beginners are the silicone Hegar dilators. It’s S-shape and slim tip are great for insertion.

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