Yoni Eggs: Your Tiny Secret To Amazing Sex

They come in many sizes, materials and colors, but they all have exactly the same goal: to bring you to climax faster, easier and more intense. We are talking about so-called love balls, the supposed secret weapon for the best sex of your life.

Love Balls: What’s that?

Who the second part of  “Fifty Shades of Gray “may have remembered the scene in which Christian Gray asks his Ana Steele to wear love balls during a masked ball. What may seem extravagant on the screen is the clever hack in everyday life for an even better and more intense sex life. But let’s start in sequence: love balls, also known as Vaginaballs, Love Balls or Jiggle Balls, are one of the most popular sex toys for women. Classically, they consist of two hollow balls, which are connected by a string and in each of which a smaller metal ball is inserted. The size and weight of these metal balls can vary, as well as the material. For example, silicone is particularly skin-friendly and comfortable to wear, but advanced users can also wear cooling metal.

That’s how love balls work

Love balls are inserted directly into the vagina, a little bit of lubrication gel (in case of silicone use only water-based lube that protects the material!) Makes it easier for beginners. With a return ribbon, which must always be available, the balls can be easily removed just like a tampon. Once introduced, you should not feel the love balls anymore – so you can be sure that they are also in the right place. That changes, however, as soon as you move. Through movements such as walking or sitting down, you bring the metal balls inside the Love Balls to swing, which is pleasantly stimulating.

Love balls consist of two balls connected by a thread, which usually consist of plastic or metal. They are hollow and filled with another, each heavier and smaller ball. When this system is created, the pleasure balls are inserted into the vagina, a vibration that transfers from the vagina to the entire abdomen. This is usually not enough to get an orgasm, but in any case the libidois kept awake. Also you should ask can you use yoni eggs with an iud.

When do you best wear love balls?

Love balls can be introduced a few hours before sex and used as a kind of foreplay. But you can also wear it discreetly in everyday life. Do not worry, a sudden orgasm in the supermarket or in the train is not to be expected – only the tickling and tingling can initially feel a bit strange in public. Advanced love ball bearers wear the ball best up to four hours a day, with beginners 15 minutes, with very light balls.

That really brings the sex toy love balls

Coming to the burning question: How do Love Balls affect the body? In addition to the slightly stimulating effect that arouses the desire for sex, love balls have another great effect: they train the female pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are especially important for female orgasm as they contract rhythmically at sexual climax. For women who have a rather weak pelvic floor, therefore often suffer from orgasmic disorders. Wearing love balls can be very helpful here as a daily workout serve for the pelvic floor muscles – without effort and effort. The stronger the muscles, the more intense the penetration of the partner feels. And another advantage is the training with love balls: A solid pelvic floor reliably protects against bladder weakness.

Buy and use love balls. Love balls are also called pleasure balls and sold for years in the erotic area. But how exactly do you use this toy and where can you buy it? I got to the bottom of these and other questions. So visit this site and use our coupon code “SALE2019”, to get cheaper yoni eggs here.

Love Balls were invented in Japan, where they were known as Rim-no-tama. The first lustballs were already very similar to todays. The structure and  functioning  have remained the same until today, only one has in modern love balls only two, in the Japanese “Urexemplaren” there were up to four balls.

How do you introduce love balls?

The introduction of the love balls may feel quite funny at the beginning. Anyone who calls balls of metal his own should first warm them up easily. Then the upper ball is simply inserted, with the second slipping slightly behind. The balls are not so big as to be difficult to insert. It is more difficult to keep them where they should work. This can be achieved by two variants: On the one hand it is possible to insert a tampon in the vagina.

But in doubt, this is the worse option, as it can significantly affect the vaginal environment. The consequences are in the worst case fungalinfections. The other possibility: one holds the love balls with the pelvicfloor. This is a wonderful pelvic floor workout and not only affects the quality of sex but is also a good therapy for mild incontinence.

You should buy the love balls when you first use them, preferably in a good sex shop for advice. In the meantime, there are many different makes and even lustballs with built-in vibrator.

What are vaginal balls and how to choose them?

Vaginal balls are 2-3 balls diameter of 2 cm, connected by a thread. As in the vagina, they stimulate the work of his muscles to increase blood flow, so intimate muscles train and tighten the vagina. If you keep such training on a regular basis, then not only will the woman improve your sexual feelings during the intimacy, but also pleasantly surprise your partner with new skills.

Vaginal balls are in different sizes, different shapes (round, oval, hearts, stars, etc.), different textures (smooth, with pimples, ribbed) can be made of different materials (cyber, plastics, latex, etc.).

For beginners, the balls are a big size and not smooth. These balls are easier to hold in the vagina. Over time you can move to small, smooth and heavy balls – it is quite difficult to hold them with the muscles of the vagina.

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