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Few organizations can change the world: We are one. As an organization driven by ideas, we rely on the ingenuity, diversity and commitment of our people to help us.
Explore our career opportunities We offer opportunities in a broad range of disciplines for talented people at different stages in their professional lives.

Our Benefits

Past Inc is committed to offering competitively priced benefit programs that offer substantial value to our employees. Part of that commitment includes enhancing our programs when appropriate. Whether our benefits help you today or 20 years from now, they all support Past Inc’s benefits philosophy.

This philosophy is based on providing our employees with:

An overall competitive and quality benefits program that is responsive to your changing needs, and provides the coverage and opportunities you need to protect yourself and your family Access to personalized, interactive tools and resources so you can get involved with your benefits and make good decisions that fit your needs.
Maximum flexibility and choice in your options, while balancing the company’s need to align the program with its business strategy, as well as manage cost.
The individual plans that make up Past Inc benefits are designed to balance your immediate needs (such as paying for health care) with your longer-term focus (like planning for retirement).

Savings Plan

Our goal is to ensure Past Inc employees have the tools to prepare for retirement. The Past Inc Savings Plan has more than 100,000 participants and is designed to be flexible enough to serve all of them depending on investment know-how and risk tolerance.
In addition to the broad range of investment options available in the plan, we recently added an innovative feature called the Lifetime Income Strategy. This feature gives you the opportunity to turn all or a portion of your Savings Plan account balance into a reliable source of income after you retire.
For additional information please feel free to email us using our contact page.

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