The Main Types of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are undoubtedly one of the most coveted adult toys. They are shaped up in the form of a full-grown adult woman with which you can masturbate and also have sex. A lot of men who are single seek pleasure in sex dolls. Now, it’s to stress here that these sex dolls are available in various types, these are the types of sex toys famous in NY. Are you intrigued to know more about them? Well, that’s great and the post below on the major types of sex dolls you will find around.

Blow-up plastic dolls

These are the oldest form of sex dolls. As the name says, these PVC made dolls have to be inflated before use and you can take the air out once you are done. These dolls are mostly used for masturbation.

The blow-up dolls take very limited space and hence will be great if you have space issues at home. Moreover, these are also easier to hide. Plus, these are inexpensive and hence will be a good option if you are just starting out in the sex doll scene.

Silicone dolls

Sex dolls made of silicone are always more realistic compared to the plastic counterparts. They carry a realistic skin-like feel to make the whole experience more realistic for the user. Some silicone dolls are posable dolls with metal skeletons as well as removable facial parts. This way, users can adjust the body arrangement and expression of the doll easily. However, it’s to note here that you can’t start with a silicone doll just like that. You will have to prepare the toy first. The doll has to be powdered properly and then warmed up. After that, you will have to lubricate it to avoid risks of chaffing. Silicone dolls are costlier than plastic dolls.

TPE dolls

TPE dolls seem kind of similar to the silicone options in regards to feel and look. However, this material is softer as well as more pliable compared to silicone. You will often find posable models with TPE dolls that carry metal skeletons.  The metal part makes these dolls more realistic and slightly heavier but not as much as the silicone options. You can dress up your TPE doll if you wish to. But this material gets stained easily. So don’t leave clothes on the doll for extended periods. It’s better if you can use white clothing as it will help you avoid staining.

Stuffed dolls

Stuffed dolls are mostly anime-style girls which are made of fabric or clothing. One of the best bits about stuffed dolls is that they come with vaginal slits for easy insertion. If you are planning to fuck your sex doll, stuffed dolls will be really convenient for you. These dolls don’t embody metal skeletons which make them light in weight and more convenient to store compared to TPE or silicone options.

Apart from the materials, sex dolls are divided into various categories based on their height.

Ultra mini dolls

These dolls range from 2ft 1.6”- 2 ft 7.5” in height. These are very small and are great for entry-level sex dolls. They are also easier to hide. However, you can’t fuck and these dolls can only be used as a handy aide for masturbation.

Mini dolls

The mini dolls are up to 3 ft 3” in height. Though they are small in size, they come with well-defined features for an enjoyable experience for the user. You can easily do vaginal sex with the mini sex dolls.

Medium-sized dolls

Medium-sized dolls range from 4ft 1”- 4ft 7” in height. They have the body of a proper adult woman and that too with inbuilt vagina.

Big dolls

Big dolls are full-sized sex dolls ranging from 5 ft 2”- 5 ft 4” in height. But they are very heavy and you should only opt for them if you are brawny and immensely strong. Anal beads for couples can be used here.

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