Prostitution In Ancient Greece And Rome

As the world’s oldest profession, prostitution had a strong presence in ancient Greece and Rome. This article tells you everything you need to know about selling sex in the classical world.

‘It was an ancient form of sex tourism’

Men of antiquity worshipped Aphrodite by having sex with her temple maids at Paphos on Cyprus. Now the site is receiving new recognition, writes Andrea Watson.

Why Legal Prostitution Should Be Legal As In Ancient Greece

A battle has been raging for 20 years between the Swedish model, which penalizes prostitution, and the Dutch model, which seeks to make sex work safe through regulation. If history has anything to teach us in this modern debate it’s that prohibitionist models will always be ineffective.

Coronavirus: why French sex workers seeking support from government are unlikely to receive funding

After a change in the law which criminalizes the purchase of sexual services, the French government is willing to help only those who wish to exit prostitution for good.

Sex worker rights: Hysteria, surveillance and threats to fundamental freedoms

2:00 a.m. The phone rang, abruptly awakening me. It was the hotel night clerk calling to tell me that members of the Montréal Police Service were downstairs and wanting to search my room. When I asked why, I was told there was a report of a missing youth being held in the hotel. Knowing I couldn’t refuse without negative consequences, I reluctantly agreed.

4 questions answered on sex trafficking in the US

The revelations about billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sex trafficking girls, paint a grim picture of sex trafficking in the U.S. The buying and selling of human beings is strong in America more than 150 years since the end of the Civil War.

Hidden women of history: Neaera, the Athenian child slave raised to be a courtesan

The ancient worlds of Greece and Rome have perhaps never been as popular as they presently are. There are numerous television series and one-off documentaries covering both “big picture” perspectives and stories of ordinary people.


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