How Do You Know if Ben Wa Balls Are For You!

Do you know what are Ben Wa Balls? Is this article related to sports or something? Well NO! This article is for women who wish to enhance their sensations and sexual arousal behaviour using these balls. Actually, these balls were used medically for strengthening muscles that line up pelvis and vagina over many centuries. With its extensive uses, people started looking for its other way of using and actually they are successful. These balls are tied up to each other and inserted into vagina. When they rub each other, it causes some kind of tickling sensations. This subtle sensation would help women to undergo orgasm. Many women actually like to keep these balls throughout as the output is enormous and commendable.

What are Ben Wa Balls?

These Ben Wa Balls are formerly called as Kegel balls which are a pair of balls tied each other with a small string. They are available in different weights and sizes. According to a woman’s vaginal opening diameter, ball sizes can be suggested. These balls were originally used for strengthening and shaping of vaginal and pelvic muscles. Though it shapes up the vaginal muscles, it produces some kind of tickling sensations when these balls rub each other. This sensation is useful for women to undergo orgasm. This subtle feeling in women leads to orgasm.

Who can use these Kegel balls?

If you are the one who is interest in subtle sexual arousal and sensations, then you can very well use these Ben Wa Balls. If you know somebody who is looking for ways to make their sex life interesting, you can get these balls and gift them.

Potential risks associated with these balls

These balls could cause irritation and damage the vaginal muscles if you made the wrong choice of ball size. Also, there are certain conditions during which using these balls could be avoided. These include the pregnancy time, post-delivery time during the recovery, menstrual time, etc. Under these conditions, you are not allowed to use these balls as they would worsen the condition. The risks associated with usage of these balls could include discomforts, pain in the vaginal muscles, starting of vaginal infection, tearing of vaginal wall if you use the bigger size and push too hard, etc.

Where to buy them?

There are multiple offline and many online stores that are available to sell erotic products. An example of which is Love Gasm. Also, these products can be purchased from pharmaceutical stores as these were originally used as a therapeutic tool. However, it is suggested to buy these from erotic products. While buying these balls, it is suggested to buy some lubricants and antiseptic solutions for process usage technique.

Pre-requisites before installation

  • Once you purchased these balls, you can follow the following steps for installing them inside you.
  • Wash your vaginal region deeper and superficial with warm water followed by diluted antiseptic solutions.
  • Same way, wash your hands also as you are going to handle a product that needs to be placed inside your body.
  • Similarly, wash your newly purchased Ben Wa Balls first with warm water and then soak it in antiseptic solution.
  • Dry these balls with clean towel.
  • Apply lubricant on the balls so that they could easily be kept inside the vagina.
  • Now the balls are ready to use.

How to use them?

  • The following steps to be followed for easy installation of these balls without any problem.
  • Stretch your legs exposing the open vagina such that with your fingers you can easily locate the vaginal opening.
  • Whenever you are ready, try placing the first ball of the pair first carefully inside your vagina.
  • Upon careful insertion of the first ball, place the second ball too inside.
  • This would complete the insertion process. However, it should be checked for proper installation and so, trying walking with them.
  • There is a tag attached with the second ball which should be kept outside the vagina. This tag would help you to remove balls whenever it is emergency or urgent.
  • Once they are kept inside vagina, try pushing these balls deeper enough possible by contracting your vaginal muscle.
  • This completes the installation process.


Once these balls are kept inside, you can leave them as such for a day or so. In fact, you can start doing your daily routine keeping them inside. These balls when they rub each other along with the muscular wall, it creates a beautiful sensation. However this feeling of sensation would vary from woman to woman. Some may find it painful and irritating. This could be because of wrong choice of size and weight. Many have found it more interesting and subtle. Therefore, they are happy to get the feeling throughout the day without disturbing their routines.


Some may find this boring and nonsense but for many erotic women this is kind of real time solution where they can get maximum pleasures. These would keep them active to enjoy their sex life with their partners. Imagine you enjoy the feeling of tickling throughout the day while working, walking, running, cooking, etc where you can stay up active looking for your partner. Whenever your partner is back to you, you can enjoy your sexual intercourse in a brand new version. This ensures your relationship would stay up and active as well. Many men need this kind of motivation and pushing from their female partners. Gradually these balls can then be used as individual balls without strings. Therefore, you would be expert in holding many balls inside without string. This would enhance your feeling and keep you aroused. If you are a woman who is looking for ways to explore new ways of enjoying sexual arousal, then try these Ben Wa Balls right away! You know where to order them! If you don’t know, try Google it and find the right place to get one for you! Keep your vaginal muscles healthy and shaped and keep up your sexual life happier!

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