Everything You Need to Know About Ben Wa Balls

Wandering about what are string Ben Wa Balls? Here is the guide for you. For a long time considered only as intimate toys, the image of Ben Wa balls has evolved, and now, in addition to their recreational value, they are recognized for their therapeutic benefits. Experts propose you to learn more about smart balls and this without taboo.

Far from being a simple sex toy, Ben Wa balls have become a therapeutic tool very appreciated by health professionals in the correction and prevention of problems from pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic muscles are responsible for opening and closing the sphincters and when these are weakened urine leaks occur. Regarding sexuality, it is favored by good muscle tone and increased vaginal sensitivity.

Ben Wa balls strengthen the muscles of the perineum

Scientific studies have already demonstrated the effectiveness of Japanese balls. The causes of weak pelvic floor muscles are varied, but the most common factors are: age, multiple births, obesity, chronic constipation, certain sports, chronic respiratory diseases, and so on.

Sexologists, gynecologists and herbal therapists recommend Ben Wa balls. By using them, all women would be able to prevent health problems caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Just wear them between half an hour and one hour a day. By using them regularly, we will restore muscle tone in the perinea area, we will prevent incontinence, we will facilitate recovery after delivery, we will increase our sexual sensitivity, etc.

How to use Ben Wa balls?

Before the first use, they should be sterilized for ten minutes in boiling water. It is advisable to repeat the operation with regularity. Put some lubricant on the first ball. Lying in a bed, insert into the vagina to place the ball behind the muscle in the same way as with a tampon.

Their use must be progressive. You can start with 15 minutes a day and go increasing each week until you get to keep them for an hour. If the time is too long, half an hour will be enough. Know that the pelvic floor muscles react quickly to the exercises caused by the Ben Wa balls, so you will quickly see the results.

They can be used practically every day for 3 or 4 months. Then, continue from time to time. If unable to hold the ball, even lying down, seek advice from a specialist physiotherapist. He will tell you other ways to help you strengthen that part of your body.

Choose your Ben Wa balls

Finally, it is essential to choose your Ben Wa balls according to several criteria namely: your morphology, your experience and your expectations. Indeed, the Ben Wa balls for “beginners” are not at all the same as those for initiated. Study their coating: smooth glass, metal or silicone or with patterns in relief. Beginner, prefer those silicone. After this step, venture to more exotic materials such as glass or metal. More difficult to insert but the pleasure is only tenfold!

It will also take into account your morphology. Ben wa balls are sold in sizes generally ranging from 2.5 to 4 centimeters. This difference, as thin as it may seem, will greatly influence your comfort! Beginners or women of small body size will feel better with small balls when those with a large body or the regulars will prefer larger ones. Finally it is important to define your need. In any case, they can only do you good. Go ahead with your eyes closed, try them is adopt them! If you’re interested in buying one, you can find great deals at loveballs.

Is it possible to go to the bathroom wearing the Ben Wa balls?

You can actually urinate without having to remove your Ben Wa balls. You can even make the big commission but be careful because the contraction of the muscles can make them come out. Also pay attention to the cord.

Can we have sex while wearing Ben Wa balls?

The Ben Wa balls must be removed at the time of the sexual act. Indeed, it is their use upstream that will allow you through the strengthening of your perineum to feel a maximum of sensations during the sexual act and bring more pleasure to your partner.

Important features of Ben Wa balls


  • Training of pelvic floor muscle and vaginal muscle
  • Already enjoy while exercising
  • Maximum pleasure during sex
  • More intense orgasms
  • During / after pregnancy
  • Incontinence problems

 Why train your pelvic floor muscle?

The Pelvic floor muscle is a very important muscle in our body. Sagging of this muscle causes undesired urine loss. But to mention some good examples: Pregnant women who suffer from pelvic instability are advised to train the muscle by means of training balls so that they can absorb just a little bit more weight through the muscle in the last part of the pregnancy.

After pregnancy, this count for all women, unwanted urine loss, this can be prevented by a well trained pelvic floor muscle. Incontinence problems, research has shown that 80% of women with well-trained pelvic floor muscles have hardly or no symptoms.

Go for the long term

Using the balls regularly can be a valuable addition. A great sex life starts with well trained pelvic floor muscles. A stronger pelvic floor means that achieving orgasm becomes easier and orgasms feel more intense. There are special exercises to train your pelvic floor muscles well. The Ben Wa balls are also perfect for that!

How anal intercourse can improve your relationship

Obviously, couples taking time to experiment in bed have a more fulfilling sex life than couples who rarely dare to do anything new. The peculiarity of anal sex is that the practice requires a high degree of mutual trust. The partners must take care of each other and seek relaxation together, so that the anal penetration succeeds. As a form of “slow sex”, anal intercourse is also very slow, attentive and sensitive – that’s what most women appreciate. Discovering new territory together can only make your partnership more exciting!

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