Natural remedies for cracked nipples

Nipple health is important, and having cracked nipples is something everyone would like to avoid. There are numerous ways to prevent this condition, and people often talk about aloe vera, ice cubes, and other ways to treat the condition. What causes cracked nipples? Cracked nipples is a term that describes traumatized nipples. It can manifest […]

Your First Step Into Urethral Sound

What is urethral sound? The dilator is a medical tool and is increasingly used for sexual stimulation in the BDSM area. To do this, you introduce the dilator into your urethra. Attention, you should always and use sufficient lubricant because the skin is there most tender and you could easily damage them. The dilator can […]

Did You Know These About Prostitution?

Prostitution dates back to at least 2400 B.C. when it appeared on an ancient Sumerian list of professions along with doctor, scribe, barber and cook. Although very old, prostitution is not literally considered to be the “world’s oldest profession.” Prostitution is illegal in the United States except in 10 rural counties in Nevada. Indoor prostitution […]

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